The Fairy Scoop: Fairy Garden Events This Week

Photo by Dorie Stratton (@happyfacefullofgrace) on Instagram One of the most fun things about the fairy garden community is that there’s always some gathering happening somewhere, with like-minded fairy garden lovers coming together to celebrate their love for all things fairy. You’re in for more treats as there are several fairy garden events this week […]

The Fairy Scoop: Fairy Garden Events This Week

Photo by Fairytale Gardens on Instagram November is finally upon us and with this comes preparations for Thanksgiving. Over at the Royal Fairy Kingdom, the fairies are also very excited to get started on the Thanksgiving party preparations. But while we wait for that time of the year to arrive, we’re marking our calendars for […]

The Fairy Scoop: Fairy Home Essentials

Hello Fairy Garden Lovers! We hope you had a wonderful Halloween! Now that the holiday is over, many of you are probably gearing up for Thanksgiving. Just like you, our fairy friends are already brainstorming on the best party ideas and ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. Of course, it’s important to keep our homes spic and […]

The Fairy Scoop: Haunted Halloween Fairy Houses

There’s only a few more days before Halloween and all the fairies in Fairyland are busy getting ready for the celebrations. Did you know that one of the most exciting parts of Halloween aside from Trick or Treating is exploring haunted houses? Fairies love the thrill of discovering mysterious places. Today, let’s explore the many […]

The Fairy Scoop: Upcoming Fairy Garden Events

Hello Fairy Garden Lovers!   October is coming to a close and Halloween is just around the corner! In line with the festivities, we’ve rounded up the upcoming fairy garden events during this final week of the month. These upcoming fairy garden events will welcome kids and kids at heart to come together and share […]

The Fairy Scoop: Witching Hour: Fairy Garden Accessories for Witches!

One of the most anticipated holidays of the year is less than two weeks away! Halloween is exciting because kids and kids at heart would dress up in their favorite characters and showcase their creativity with their costumes. Over at Fairyland, we’re also celebrating the season with some Halloween-inspired fairy garden accessories. Today, we’re discovering […]

The Fairy Scoop: Mystery Halloween Fairy Garden Accessories

We are officially halfway through October and you know what that means—Halloween is merely two weeks away! Ahead of the exciting occasion, we’re bringing you some mystery Halloween fairy garden accessories to celebrate the season. These charming and spooky fairy garden accessories are great for honoring the holiday and adding a cryptic touch to your […]

The Fairy Scoop: Fairy Houses and Furniture by Olive

Hello Fairy Garden Lovers!   If you are a fan of hand crafted fairy garden accessories, you’re most likely familiar with Etsy, a website where like-minded, talented craft makers come together to share their various projects and put them up for sale for everyone else to enjoy. The website is teeming with talented artists and […]

The Fairy Scoop: Commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Fairy Garden Accessories

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and over at the Royal Fairy Kingdom, fairies, pixies, and dragons are all helping celebrate and raise awareness on the issue. In the United States alone, breast cancer develops in about 12.4% of women. The CDC reports that breast cancer is the most common cancer among women regardless of […]

The Fairy Scoop: Your Weekend Fairy Garden Inspiration

Hello Fairy Garden Lovers!   Welcome to Friday, the most anticipated day of the week! Before we kickstart the weekend, we’re serving up your weekend fairy garden inspiration in the form of ideas and lovely accessories that you might want to add to your collection. These specially curated fairy garden accessories will bring delight to […]