Create the Fairy Garden Music Festival of Your Dreams

Photo by Fairytale Gardens on Instagram Music festivals have long been part of our culture as art-loving people. After all, music is one of the most accessible forms of art. In the world of fairies, music festivals are also a great way to pass the time. Fairies gather in celebration and enjoy activities at the […]

The Cutest Fairy Garden Toadstools

Fairy gardens have a lot of magical elements to them. From fairies to plants and other miniatures, fairy gardens truly come alive with these accessories. One of the accessories you can add to any fairy garden to make it more whimsical is a toadstool. Toadstools are often mistaken for mushrooms, but they are in fact […]

Fairy Garden Bonfires to Keep Fairies Warm

If you love the outdoors, you’re probably familiar with how bonfires work. During the Fall season, bonfires are used to keep warm, especially while camping. But bonfires have more use than just keeping us warm. In fact, in Europe, it’s traditionally used in various celebrations, including the solemnity of John the Baptist on January 16, […]

Explore the Top 10 Whimsical Hobbit Houses for Fairy Gardens

The world of fairy gardens are truly unique and magical. Every now and then, you can discover different structures where the most enchanting beings live. An example of a magical home is the hobbit house, which are frequently described as an underground structure or hobbit holes. They are often found near river banks, hillsides, and […]

Fairy Garden Fall Scarecrows, Harvests, and Pumpkins

The Fall seasons is one of the best in every year. It’s the time when nature turns a beautiful shade of golden brown and pumpkin fields grow ripe enough to harvest. Over at Fairyland, everyone is busy harvesting pumpkins and preparing for Halloween. After Halloween, Thanksgiving is the next most anticipated event. Today, let’s discover […]

Getting to Know the Fairy Garden Animal Friends

Photo by Fairytale Gardens on Instagram   Like a lot of us humans, fairies are animal lovers. They live in the woodlands where animals roam freely in the wild. Today, we’ll get to know some of the fairy garden animal friends that you can add to your collection to help fairies feel more at home […]

Skull-Tastic Halloween Fairy Garden Treats

Photo by Peggy on Instagram Happy Halloween, fairy garden lovers! The most anticipated time of the year for fairies has arrived. Tonight, all the friendly and not-so-friendly ghouls, ghosts, witches, warlocks, dragons, trolls, monsters, and weird creatures are set to come out. Before the festivities begin, however, we’re giving you some last minute skull-tastic Halloween […]

Creepy Halloween Fairy Garden Decor

Halloween has finally arrived! Just one more night and all the fairies will come out to spook each other and celebrate the holiday! But before we begin the festivities, let’s take one more look at the creepy Halloween fairy garden decor to inspire your holiday. Are you ready to get spooked? Let’s begin exploring those […]

Fairy Garden Weekend Party

It’s finally Friday and we’re super excited to share with you some great fairy garden weekend party accessories to add to your collection. Fairies work hard all week so when the weekend rolls around, they’re all ready relax, just as we do! Let’s discover some fairy garden weekend party essentials in this list. Miniature Fairy […]

Fairy Garden Ponds, Rivers, and Streams

Fairies reside where nature is abundant. Whether it’s bodies of water and landforms lush with greenery, fairies thrive best when things are free to grow wild. Some fairies are native to water forms, such as ponds, rivers, and streams. Today, let’s explore the little fairy garden ponds, rivers, and streams that make our miniature worlds […]