All the Fairy Garden Plants You Can Get for $20 and Below

When we were younger, our parents and grandparents would often tell us bedtime stories in the form of fairy tales. These stories held valuable lessons told through stories about majestic faraway lands, brave princes, and strong princesses. Today, we hold those stories dear by creating fairy gardens in honor of those magical moments in our […]

The Magic of Fall Fairy Garden Accessories

The Fall season is slowly creeping in on us and we can’t help but feel excited for the holidays. Next month, there’s Halloween and soon enough, Thanksgiving will also be just around the corner. But before we think of all those celebrations, let’s check out the fall fairy garden accessories that will make the season […]

How to Make a Tommy Tinker-inspired Fairy Garden

If you have been following Teelie’s Fairy Garden, you may be familiar with Tommy Tinker, the official Tinker Fairy of the Royal Fairy Kingdom. He’s a trustworthy, hardworking fairy who is always ready to lend a hand. He is the lead character in Tommy Tinker and The Lost Candy Factory, in which King Henry and […]

Unicorn-Themed Fairy Garden

Photo credit: Instagram/craftywrens   The world of fairies is fantastical and enchanting. It is filled with creatures that are beyond anyone’s and is often the subject of bedtime stories. In the magical world of fairies, anything is possible—even unicorns! Unicorns are such regal, gentle creatures that you can’t help but be amazed by them. Today, […]

Creative Fairy Garden Planters You’ll Want to Have For Your Own

Creating fairy gardens using containers often begin with, of course, selecting a container. It can come in the form of a metal basin or stone planter. But others are opting for creative fairy garden planters that add to the whimsical feeling of such a tiny little world within a small container. Today, let’s explore those […]

DIY Fairy Garden with Succulents

Photo credit: Instagram/fairygardensucculents Enchanting fairy gardens are often brought to life by miniature plants such as succulents. These little plants create a tiny world where fairies freely roam and grace us with their presence. Today, let’s discover the ways that we can create a DIY fairy garden with succulents. Creating Your Own DIY Fairy Garden […]

Fairy Garden Labor Day Weekend Sale

Hello Fairy-loving Folks and happy Labor Day weekend! We cannot wait to get started on this week’s festivities here at Teelie’s Fairy Garden. You know how fairies love to feast, dance, and be merry! But before we blissfully kickstart the weekend, we’d like to let you know about the Fairy Garden Labor Day Weekend Sale […]

Back to School Fairy Garden Accessories

September is only a couple more days away and you know what that means! The kids are finally heading back to school after that refreshing summer break. Over here in fairy land, little fairies are also gearing up for a new school year. But before we get excited about the new friends our little fairies […]

Tiny Flowers for Your Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is truly a wondrous world to get lost in. Any fairy garden enthusiast will know that having miniature plants and accessories will help attract fairies and recreate our world for them. Tiny flowers for your fairy garden are a great addition because it provides blooms that are just as small as our […]

Fairy Garden Summer Soiree

Every year, when summer rolls around, fairies gather to celebrate the season with great music and good food. This is usually held during the summer solstice. You can also create your own fairy garden summer soiree, where fairies can come together and celebrate. Creating a Fairy Garden Summer Soiree To create your own fairy garden […]