Sweet Dreams Are Made of Fairy Cookies and Pastries for Valentines

The air gets sweeter and sweeter with every day that brings us closer to Valentine’s Day. Fairies all over the world are bustling and preparing, making sure that even they are ready for a festival of love and romance. It’s not just about that perfect measure of fairy dust to sprinkle on some human couples […]

Coffee, Tea, and Me? A Sparkling Starbucks Valentine’s Day Fairy Party

The most romantic day of the year is steadily approaching and everyone is getting ready for it. Valentine’s Day is such a wonderfully sweet day for lovers, so you can just imagine how incredibly loving and magical it must be for fairies. Fairies experience romance and love just as much as people do, and they […]

Make Way for the Most Enchanting Fairy Castles

It’s a tale as old as time, in many fairytales we know: when they live happily ever after, it’s to a grand and beautiful castle they go. Grand, beautiful castles are the stuff of storybooks, and home to magic and romance. As Valentines’ Day approaches, there aren’t many things that would be as romantic as […]

Fairies for Babies: Beautiful Fairy Items for New Family Members

Babies are always a cause for celebration in the family. These bright, new family members are magical on their own. After all, as the stories say, fairies are born from the first laugh of a new baby. Their bright smiles and happiness bring so much light and joy into a home. Full of potential and […]

Cozy Cups: Magical Warm and Satisfying Potions to Drink

When the snow is falling and all the fairies and little humans are indoors on a snow day, a very cozy cup of hot drink as you sit by the fire just hits the spot!  Add a little breath of magic into your drinks by tossing in a bit of fairy dust and an enchanting […]

Fantastic Fairy-Themed Winter Sports Items for Ice Fae at Play

There’s nothing like feeling that crisp cold winter air and heading outside to play as the fat snowflakes tumble down from the sky! It makes you feel almost as though you’re an ice fairy yourself, especially as you watch your little fairy garden gently covered in white snow. Snow days are a perfect chance to […]

How to Prepare An Enchanting Fairytale Sleepover

What better way to truly enjoy a fairy garden than with a wonderful sleepover night where you can gaze out at twinkling fairy lights that glimmer over your fairy garden scene? Kids will love enjoying the fairy world, looking out at its delicate forms nestled in the grass, so why not make the entire experience […]

New Year's Eve Fairy Garden Party

Photo by Shelly Hill Gouge on Instagram With only one more day left in the year, fairies are getting ready to welcome 2019 with lots of love and magic. As fairies gear up for the New Year's Eve celebration, we're taking a look at the whimsical accessories that our enchanting little friends will put up […]

Benefits of Having a Fairy Garden

The New Year is merely days away and many of us are excited to find out what new experiences it will bring. For those who are looking to pursue a new hobby this 2019, why not start your own fairy garden? Did you know that there are several benefits of having a fairy garden? Gardening […]

A Fairy Garden New Year Feast

Photo by Fairytale Gardens on Instagram   Welcome to Fairyland, where we are counting down the days to the New Year. Fairies all over Fairyland are waiting to recharge and gather their energies to create more magic this coming year and cast spells for good wealth and good health. When the clock strikes twelve on […]