The Most Trendy Gnome Gardens Today

Gnomes’ Garden

The Most Trendy Gnome Gardens Today

Hello Fairy Garden lovers!

Looking for a new project to work on? We got one for you – gnome gardens! They’re trendy and fun to work on.

Did you know that gnomes are the fairies’ best buds? They are the ones that the fairies count on when it comes to gardening and crafting. They are good in fishing and any outdoor fun too!

We’ve collected images of gnome gardens that you can use as an inspiration to start your own gnome garden!

“Gnome and Mushroom Garden”
bigger size gnome

This lovely gnome garden is made of a gnome, a mushroom, a birdhouse and a magical gate. You can add some more goodies that you like.

1mushroom1. Rusty Arch with Gate

This gnome garden needs a lovely rustic arch with gate to protect it the plants and flowers from nasty critters. See more gates.

2. Red Fairy Mushroom Picks

Gnomes are really fond of mushrooms! These red fairy mushroom picks are perfect for this gnome garden project. See more mushrooms.

3. Watering Gnome

This gnome garden project won’t be complete without this adorable gnome. This watering gnome will keep all the plants and flowers hydrated! See more gnomes.

“Gnome Home”

Gnome Home

This adorable project shows a gnome’s home with a lovely garden! It is composed of a house, bridge, pathway, gazing ball, furniture, tea set, beach, and a gnome.


1. Grumpy Gnome

Old homeowner gnomes are usually grumpy. Don’t worry! They are really nice when you get to know them more.

2. Whisper Wood Lane

Start this project with a cozy lovely home. This whisper wood lane is perfect for our gnome friend! See more houses.

3. Mini Stone Overlook Bridge

On the other side of the river, there’s a wonderful space where the gnome and his friends can have a tea and chat. Add a lovely stone overlook bridge for them to cross. See more bridges.

“Gnomes’ Garden”

Gnomes’ Garden

This project shows us the gnomes’ garden where they plant flowers and crops. It is composed of a fairy door, pathways, trellis, fence, wishing well, pots, watering ca, birdhouse and gardening gnomes!

GARDEN1. Fairy Wishing Well

This fairy wishing well doesn’t only provide water, it also grants wishes! The gnomes often wish for healthy plants and crops in this well. See more wishing wells.

2. Gnome Welcome Door and Window

How adorable are these gnomes? After a long day in the garden, they invite the others to come in for a drink.

3. Mystical Fairy Door

This mystical fairy door opens to the gnomes’ home. They use this as a portal to go to their garden. See more doors.

Remember that these are just examples. You can always create a gnome garden that is based on your likings!

Discover why the fairies love the gnomes here!

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