Pirate Fairy Garden DIY Shopping List


Pirate Fairy Garden DIY Shopping List

Hello Fairy Lovers!

My Pirate Garden is about 3 years old and every year I change it up with new plants, ornaments, shells, and sand etc… I have been asked several times what I use in the garden so I have decided to create a list of everything in the garden to make it easy for you to re-create! So, let’s get started Matey!

base container

Fire Pit

This is what I used as we had an old fire pit and it works so well for a 360-degree viewing of the garden. I also purchased a new one for my other fairy garden.

Potting Soil

It is important to use quality potting soil and there are many good ones to choose from. I happen to like the organic soil as I have had super results with it.


For drainage, it is best to place gravel at the bottom -this is what works for me the best. Be sure to drill drainage holes in the bottom of your container.

Pirate Ornaments

The Hidden Cave

In your pirate garden, it is important to have a hidden cave to put the jewels and treasures from the pirates (I purchased extra jewels to place in the cave-see below)

Treasure Chest

Pirate gardens are not complete without a stolen treasure chest-I use one or two every year!

Pirate Ship

This pirate ship is the focal point of the pirate fairy garden-and you can choose from so many different styles  HERE

Pirate Cannon

My pirate garden is an island with an abandoned pirate ship so I have a cannon on the shore for protection from the other pirates looking for all my treasures.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Skull With Plants

 I placed the skull on the opposite side of the garden hidden in plants to create mystery.

Pirate Skull

I place the pirate skull in the middle of the plants to give the feeling of a deserted island.

Origins Pirate Treasure

I think more than one pirate chest in the garden gives it more of the pirate feel!

First Mate

The First Mate also got marooned on the island with the Pirate Captain-I placed him in the plants also to add a bit of interest. It is always fun when you can discover new items hidden in the garden.


Pirate Captain

Every pirate garden needs a Pirate Captain and I think this one is fantastic.


Mermaids are said to be good luck for sailors-she will sit patiently in the waters of your pirate garden.

Finishing Touches

Blue Sand

This is the sand used to create the water effect-I like the variegated colors to give it depth.

White Sand

White sand is used at the edge of the blue sand (water) to create a sea foam effect-it is very beautiful.

Shells and Jewels

Magical Clam Shell With A Pearl

I have one of these in my pirate garden and I love it, adds a touch of whimsy.

Pirate Jewels

These are jewels that I place in the cave and also sprinkled around the garden-adds to the hidden treasure intrigue.

Mixed SeaShells

This is always a great touch to add a variety of sea shells, gives it more interest.

Miniature Shells

Shells are a must on an island-add the shells on the beach or in the white seafoam of the water.


Colorful Plants

These plants would look amazing to give any garden a pop of color! Wish I had seen these for my pirate garden.

Assorted Plants

I like this assortment due to the fact it has a tropical feel to them-like a tropical island. The taller plants would look great by the cave.

Miniature Plants

I bought a variety of plants-I made my garden a shade garden so these are the types I used.

See The Collection Of Pirate Garden Items HERE


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