Fairy Garden Easter Egg Hunt Buzz


Fairy Garden Easter Egg Hunt Buzz

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Hello, Happy Easter Fairy Lovers!

Welcome to the annual Fairy Easter Egg Hunt in the Magical Fairy Kingdom. The fairies are in such a buzz with excitement as they are preparing for the hunt.

The first order of business is for the fairies to prepare all the eggs with bright colors, sparkles, and designs. After they have accomplished that they must notify the Easter Bunny.  He will then arrive through his official Easter Bunny door and hide all the eggs for the Fairy Easter Egg Hunt!

Below you can join in the excitement of all the fairy festivities!

Have a Magical Easter…Enjoy


a. Fairy Easter Preparation Table

The Fairies are getting the eggs ready for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt! This little white prep table is filled with everything needed to get ready for an Easter celebration. There are gifts, cards, candy, eggs being dyed and baskets being assembled.

b. Official Easter Bunny Door

The Easter Bunny will be notified the minute all the eggs are ready for the Easter Egg Hunt!


a. Fairy Easter Bonnets

The Fairies are getting their Easter Bonnets ready for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

b. Sweet Easter Eggs

The fairies or are out on an Easter egg hunt looking for all of the beautiful multi colored eggs. Hippity hoppity Easter’s on its way!!



a. Fairy Garden Bunny Rabbit Family

These are just the cutest little bunnies ever! A mother and baby snuggled together. You’re going to love them! They are so excited for the Easter Bunny to appear!

b. Fairy Garden Easter Tumble Bunny

This whimsical Easter bunny will be the perfect addition to your Spring fairy garden! Super cute detail that included a tiny yellow chick perched on her foot and a pretty pink with brown dot organza bow adorning her neck. She is so full of excitement waiting for the Egg Hunt she fell over!



a.  Sweet Easter Basket

This is a handmade acorn basket ready for the hunt!

b. Fairy Garden Easter Basket

This pretty little Easter basket, with a woven design, has three polymer clay eggs along with some delicate iridescent sparkle shred. A lovely addition to your seasonal Easter fairy garden and perfect for the Egg Hunt!

c.  Mini Fairy Easter Basket

Mini Fairy Basket, Garden Fairy Basket Call the Fairies to visit you with this Fairy Trinket Baskets for your Easter Egg Hunt!



a. Beautiful Easter Fairy

A delightful sitting fairy with her little white bunny rabbit friend. She has a garland of blue flowers in her wavy blond hair. Her wings have a shimmery glitter effect. She’s so adorable! She is waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt to begin!

b. The Reading Bunny

The Fairy Kingdom a buzz with the Easter Egg Hunt! The Reading Bunny is reading the tale of how the Easter Bunny brings his magic on Easter Day to all the fairies and animals in the Kingdom!

c. Magical Easter Fairy Kingdom

The excitement is growing in the Fairy Kingdom waiting for the Annual Eater Egg Hunt to begin!

d. Beautiful Waiting Fairy

This beautiful little fair is waiting patiently for the Easter Egg Hunt to begin!


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