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Assorted Wooden Vegetable Counter Display
Spring is just around the corner! And my green thumb is already itching to get started on live plants for the fairy garden. In the meantime, here are ten vegetable patch fairy garden items to tidy you over ‘til the spring season. They’re oh so adorable! I had quite a difficult time picking out the items. Enjoy! Cabbage Garden The first thing I looked for was a cabbage patch. In real life, cabbage is one of the few vegetables that can survive a bit of frost. You can put artificial snow to make it look more realistic or even include it in your winter fairy garden scene. Get the Cabbage...
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Winter is almost over. I really didn’t think about putting together a winter-themed fairy garden but realized I should before spring kicked in. It turns out it isn’t that hard. For the most part, I made use of fairy garden décor and accessories I already have from previous fairy garden scenes like this Christmas-themed one. In all honesty, you only need three elements to transform any fairy garden into a winter fairy land. White White has long been associated with winter, mainly because it’s the color of snow. In fact, there is such a thing as snow camouflage wherein animals and the military adapt to the color of the environment...
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Creating a fairy garden with real plants may be ideal but it sure isn’t easy. Not everyone has a green thumb and sometimes the weather condition just doesn’t work out for your live greens. But don’t worry, the enchanted folks don’t discriminate! They’ll be more than happy paying a visit to a fairy garden with artificial plants as long as it’s made with love. Putting together your very own fairy garden is a wonderful experience. It is something that is magical in itself and one that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Making a fairy garden with artificial plants is no exception. In fact, this route is so much...
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Fancy Fairy Kits for Your Fairy Land
Greetings Fairy Lovers! Every year, the Fairy King and Queen meet with Stella, the Fairy Garden Fairy in charge of all the fairy garden kits. They ask for her help to improve the Fairy Land by adding new scenes to the kits. This year, Fairy Stella brought a lovely collection with her and the Fairy King and Queen love them! See what’s inside Fairy Stella’s fairy kit collection for this year! Click on the item’s name for more details. Fairy Kits Set A 1  Mini Mom Kit – A beautiful kit that is dedicated to the fairy moms! It consists of a bench with a sleeping cat, a basket full...
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The Sweet Scenes For A Fairy Garden Christmas
Hello Fairy Lovers! Christmas is in the air and it is time to decorate your terrarium for those in wintry weather, but you might live in a sunshine state and you want to give your fairies a bit of Christmas cheer. We have some great Christmas fairy scenes for you but all orders to arrive by Christmas day must be placed no later than December 18, 2017. This is to give the fairies time to pack and ship it to you for the big day "Christmas". We hope you like our Fairy Christmas Collections-they are all fairy approved. Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas With Hot Pink Trees Hello Fairy Lovers! Sugar...
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