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Hello Fairy Lovers! With Spring in the air, it is a great time to plan a surprise birthday party for your special fairy that lives in your fairy garden. As you know most fairies have Spring birthdays as most fairies arrive in the Spring in time for the arrival of all the new Spring flowers. I have listed some fun items to get the fairy party started, so start the Celebration! Our “Fairy Garden Easter Wish Book” will be ready soon so be sure sign up HERE to get your copy upon its release. Fairy Garden Birthday Party Kit This kit includes everything you see here for a fairy garden...
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  Hello Fairy Lovers! This is a sneak peek at the “Lovin' Lavender Fairy Garden Wish Book” coming soon. The fairies are busy getting all their favorite Lavender items rounded up for the book. Oh, did I mention they are also creating some of their own artistic creations especially for the book- going to be a fairy smash hit! To get notified on the Lovin' Lavender book release sign up HERE Be sure to add a splash of this color to update your gardens and your fairies will be jumping with joy-they always like to be in trend. We have chosen some of the hottest new Lavender looks in the...
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Pink Columbine Flower Fairy
The new colors of 2017 for the fairy kingdom have been officially announced by the royal decorators, and they are pink and lavender. Yes, there are colors of the year even in the fairy kingdom. So, the new green this year will be these two luscious colors, and they have the Queen Fairy's blessing. Be sure to add a splash of these colors to update your gardens and your fairies will be jumping with joy-they always like to be in trend. We have chosen some of the hottest new looks in the fairy world for 2017 for you to enjoy below. Magical Tooth Fairy Door Personalized This little door has...
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   As you know, I am an avid fairy gardener with a passion to discover the latest trends in my beloved hobby. It appears "The Alice Garden" is a top trend in 2017 for fairy gardening. In this Alice Wish Book, I have found some adorable fairy products for all ages, if you are 5 or 90 fairy gardening is for you. Many items are handmade by incredibly talented artists from all over the world. These items can be incorporated into indoor or outdoor gardens, just watch the weather conditions. I know you will love exploring all the fairy finds I have found for you! [su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khl0NDeyZqw" width="700"] Alice in...
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shabby chic room interior. Wedding decor, room decorated for shabby chic rustic wedding, with bedside table, folding screen or room divider with white tracery and rose bouquets. High key
I have always loved the Shabby Chic look, and I have decided to create in Spring my own Shabby Chic Fairy Garden. I have put together some ideas for containers and houses that you could use for your very own garden. I love the idea of terrariums for indoor gardens and the natural look for an outdoor garden. Just the thought of peeking in and seeing a Shabby Chic scene makes me so excited I am ready to start gathering my treasures. I know your fairies would be thrilled to have one as their own. Enjoy the selection of Shabby Chic items I have put together for you...have fun! This...
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