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Beach Party Blankets with Basket
Hello, Fairy Lovers! Have you ever dream of being at a beach party? Imagine the atmosphere of the relaxing sea breeze and when you look around you see life-saving rings lining the fence and Hula girls playfully dancing. Isn’t that so much fun? If you’re into beach parties and tropical trips, then this fairy garden theme suits you well. The fairies would be thrilled to have a tropical get away in their fairy garden! We collected items that are perfect for a splashing beach scene. Start a summer party in your magical fairy garden now! a. Beach Flip Flops Who would enjoy the beach using boots? Give the fairies these adorable...
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Hello Fairy Lovers! Meet Ariana! She's an adorable 4year old who's been asking her mom for a fairy garden! They've spent weeks collecting fairy goodies and they put it together to create a wonderful fairy garden where the her magical fairies can live close to her! [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/teEa3EnrzLA" width="700" autoplay="yes"] Ariana is a proof that fairy gardening is for everyone at any age! Aren't you inspired to start your fairy garden too? Take a look at her magical masterpiece below! We can see from Ariana’s smile how excited she is to make her fairy garden! She’s carefully setting up the landscape of her whimsical fairy garden. She’s using glass gems...
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children at play
Hello, Fairy Lovers! Are you planning to have a new design or theme for your fairy garden? Then try the fun playground theme! It’s exciting and perfect for the sunny season. Invite jolly and playful fairies to your magical fairy garden! A fairy garden with a playground will not only make the magical creatures happy, it also keeps them young at heart! Add these playful fairies and playground items to your fairy garden and let the enchanted folks have a great dose of playground fun! Playful Kids and Fairies Here are the fairy garden items that you can add to make your playground theme more realistic and impressive! Jack, the...
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Hello, Fairy Lovers! Watch out! We have new fairies and decor coming to our fairy land! We are all beyond excited to welcome a new collection here in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This will feature creative fairies and items with unique interest, dreams, and hopes. It is the Mary Engelbreit Fairy Garden collection! Mary Engelbreit is a famous illustrator on Children’s books. Characters from her stories have become best sellers for all miniature fairy garden enthusiasts. Take a peek at what they look like! We are featuring special inspirations from our current items for you to recreate. We’ll have MORE items coming from this beautiful collection soon, so make sure  to...
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Hello Fairy Lovers! Notice the pile of broken pots you have in your backyard? There’s a good reason why you shouldn’t throw them out. The fairies have whispered to us that they would love to transform them into whimsical homes! Fairy gardening with the use of broken pots is the newest trend today! We can say that it’s a good way to create a fairy garden and being resourceful at the same time. We’ve gathered a few fairy gardening with broken clay pots inspirations for you to see and start creating your very own magical land! Fairy Gardening with Broken Clay Pots Inspiration 1 Image Credits: Genevieve Gail This fairy...
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