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I have always loved the Shabby Chic look, and I have decided to create in Spring my own Shabby Chic Fairy Garden. I have put together some ideas for containers and houses that you could use for your very own garden. I love the idea of terrariums for indoor gardens and the natural look for an outdoor garden. Just the thought of peeking in and seeing a Shabby Chic scene makes me so excited I am ready to start gathering my treasures. I know your fairies would be thrilled to have one as their own. Enjoy the selection of Shabby Chic items I have put together for you...have fun! This...
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Mermaid Mansion Under Glass
When I discovered this “Extravagant Mermaid Mansion” I just had to share it with all of you fairy lovers! This beautiful work of art has been created by Peter Gabel a miniature artist. His art is creating botanically correct flowers and plants out of paper. His work predominately is in 1/12th scale, where 1 inch is equal to a foot. Also using shells as well as eggs. Let’s look around and see how the mermaids live-you will agree with me that they live in serious luxury! We will take the dome of and zoom in to get all the details. So let’s discover the world of mermaid luxury living together-let’s go…. Now it...
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The trend of fairy gardening is sweeping the globe. In fact, they're so popular right now that they even made it onto Pinterest's list of the top 100 emerging trends for 2017. The Trend has now made it to the office, businesses, home offices and even teachers desks. So if you love fairy gardening yet you are still working, create your own personal desktop fairy garden.  Fairy lovers are using teacups, baskets, terrariums and most anything that can hold some planting material and a little hint of the fairy kingdom. To give you inspiration to begin your journey for a desktop fairy garden I have listed some suggestions-see which one...
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Meet Tertia

Welcome, my name is Tertia I am the teacup planter fairy. I am in charge of all the teacups that are used for the planters. Teacup planters can be outdoor or indoor fairy gardens. I was chosen by fairy headquarters because I have a very Keen eye for detail. There are very easy to plan, and you can have several and make a teacup village. I hope you enjoy the teacups I have chosen below for you-Happy Holidays!

The seasonal holiday magic is in the air! This is the time of year for holiday parties, and parties mean hostess gifts. What is the perfect unique hostess gift? I will give you a hint- it is small and fits in a teacup. Ok here is the answer, a teacup fairy garden. They are so quick to make, and it is a gift that keeps on giving. Tertia the teacup fairy will be featuring some very unique teacup fairy gardens, especially if you do not have the time to whip one up.


Christmas Fairy Garden

What a perfect gift for Christmas for a Gardener, a shut in, a fairy lover or someone who sits at a desk all day. This is a beautiful little Christmas Fairy Garden for your fairies to sit and relax and read their favorite Christmas books. Perfect in an old fashioned MRS. Santa mug!

Merry Christmas Vintage Teacup Christmas Scene

A totally unique tiny Christmas scene has been created in a vintage rose teacup!

Teacup Fairy Garden (Winter Holiday Theme)

A delightful tiny place for tiny beings. Place this fairy garden in your home and all kinds of magical critters will come to relax their wings and spirits.

For those who want to create their own fairy gardens we have some great Holiday teacup planters for you. So have fun and get creative!


Miniature Fairy Garden Holly Leaf Teacup Planter

Miniature Fairy Garden Winter Cardinal Teacup Planter

To see all our Teacup Planters, click Here

Read the magical Christmas book!



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Whimsical Fairy Themes for Your Christmas Party The season demands nothing else but tons of parties. Most of us are aware that party themes set the mood and bring up the spirits of any celebration. Since we are tired of seeing the same old Christmas party themes, we're introducing unique Christmas party themes! These will not demand you to put up anything extravagant. Wouldn't it be nice to hold a Holiday celebration that's magical and outstanding? We are sure that your party guests would be delighted to see a new style in the event they attended. We asked our fairy friends and rounded up three Fairy themes for your upcoming Christmas Party....
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