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Ginny, the Gingerbread Fairy Garden
Welcome Fairy Lovers! 😊 It is tradition in the fairy kingdom that every fairy creates a magical gingerbread house. The Fairy Queen Olivia started this tradition many, many years ago to surprise all the young fairies during the holidays. Ginny the Gingerbread Fairy organizes this marvelous event, as she is the finest gingerbread baker in all of the Fairy Kingdom. The fairies secretly create their gingerbread houses and then they travel to the great “Gingerbread House Festival” and Queen Olivia selects the most magnificent gingerbread house of the year! Of course, this is all for the young fairies and it is considered one of the most magical events of the...
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Candy Cane Fairy Party Kick Off For Christmas
Hello Fairy Lovers! Well today is the big day for the fairies in the Fairy Kingdom. It is the annual kick off Candy Cane Fairy Party! This is the big party before all the fairies get so busy they forget to mark their calendars for the Candy Cane delivery date. Did you know that the fairies are the ones that deliver all the candy canes to all the children’s stockings around the globe? They are the silent helpers of Santa and have been doing these deliveries as long as there has been a Santa…Ho-Ho Ho! The party table has been set with the fairy’s favorite sweets and they are using...
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The Fairy Thanksgiving Royal Gobble Feast
Hello Fairy lovers! The Fairy Kingdom is all abuzz with the news that there will be a new royal fairy baby being introduced at the Royal Gobble Fairy Feast on Thanksgiving Day. The fairies are preparing for all the festivities, as there are no limits on decorating this year as King Henry and Queen Olivia are going to preside over the feast this year. The Gobble Fairy House The Gnomes have been hard at work on the turkey fairy house, as the King and Queen will be staying in it with their new royal fairy baby. No detail has been spared and the Gnomes are so excited to unveil their...
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The Fairy Trend-The Spooktacular Halloween Fairy Garden
The Fairy Trend-The Spooktacular Halloween Fairy Garden   Hello Fairy Lovers and welcome to my Spooktacular Halloween Fairy Garden that was put together for the Grand Halloween Fairy Party. This fairy party is hosted by Ms. Spooktacular the official Halloween fairy. The table above is one of the party stations for the grand event that will never run out of sweets. The skull fountain also magically fills with the sweetest mango fairy punch that never runs out! So, let the party begin and I hope you enjoy all the fairy Halloween decorations! [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/iaXoHv-FiHk" width="700"] This is the Halloween fairy sweets bicycle that delivers the sweets to the Grand Halloween...
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Pink Fairy Garden Made With Fairy Dust and Love For The Cause
The fairies in the Fairy Kingdom are helping with the opportunity this October to spread the word about steps women can take to detect breast cancer early. Being such loving magical creatures, they always want to lend a helping wing. What many humans do not realize that the fairies are always behind the scenes helping with everyday life in the human world. So, they decided to create a pink fairy garden to honor women of all ages and support Breast Cancer Awareness. They have been very creative and they are hoping you will share their pink fairy garden in support of the cause-Enjoy! [su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-1tV4Doz1E" width="700"] The main stay of...
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